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Power Factor Controllers

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  Smart Electricity Saver
          Save Your Money!

The Smart Power Factor Controllers increase the power quality by removing harmonics caused by computers and other electronics, so that motors and compressors run cooler and more efficiently.

The power generated by inductive as well as magnetic loads in order to create a magnetic flux is known as reactive power which is a non-working power. This decreases the efficiency and directly decreases the Power Factor. A low Power Factor increases the amount of energy needed to run the equipment.

  Benefits Using Celec

  • Reduction in Peak Demand Charges and core losses.
  • Continuous monitoring and Electrical Load Balancing
  • Decrease I2 R Losses 4 times.
  • Reduction in electrical breakdown.
  • Saving on electric bills.
  • Reduced CARBON Emission.
  • Improvement of line voltage.


The bottom line is that
we can improve your bottom line.

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